Making Goals a Reality

Our approach to each case and each client is a very personal one.  We take the time to learn the life circumstances, goals, and concerns of our clients from the very first meeting.  Our clients set the tone of the representation; we strive to make those goals a reality.  We understand that our clients usually are dealing with one of the most stressful and difficult times of their lives.  We work hard to make the experience as manageable as possible throughout the representation.

We are at our best in the courtroom.  We are not afraid to take a case to trial. We formed the Malkinson Salomone law firm after winning Not Guilty verdicts in a three-week murder trial in Boulder County. We regularly litigate constitutional issues, examine witnesses, and argue in court.  

Sometimes, though, a case should be resolved without a jury trial.  We investigate facts, develop mitigation, and inspire compassion for all of our clients, regardless of their charges.  We negotiate with just as much passion as we litigate. We have worked hard to earn a reputation in the legal community as tireless advocates, committed to achieving best outcomes for our clients within and beyond the courtroom.