Nancy and Zak understand that there are consequences to criminal charges that extend beyond the courtroom.  We learn the complete life circumstances of each of our clients in order to address professional and educational consequences, family issues, and immigration concerns. We extend our advocacy beyond the courtroom, frequently representing:

CU students  in University of Colorado disciplinary proceedings. These frequently arise when a CU student is charged with a crime.  We challenge the university’s understanding of the factual allegations, and work to avoid suspension and expulsion of students charged with serious felonies.

Drivers who suffer either a DUI arrest or an allegation of excessive driver’s license points.  In each DUI case where a driver’s license suspension is possible, we challenge the loss of driving privilege through the DMV hearing process. 

Professionals whose licensures, such as medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, are endangered as a result of arrest and accusation.  We work with DORA, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, to avoid or minimize professional consequences that flow from criminal charges or conviction.

Immigrants whose status or future hopes are threatened by criminal charges.  Nancy and Zak are knowledgeable regarding the kinds of charges that lead to immigration penalties, and informed as to resolutions that avoid these outcomes.