Nancy Salomone

Nancy is a career-long defense attorney and a twenty-year veteran of the Colorado criminal courts.  After her graduation in 1998 from top-ranked University of Michigan Law School, Nancy began her career as a Colorado Deputy State Public Defender in the misdemeanor and felony courts of the City and County of Denver.  In 2001, Nancy opened a solo practice in her home city of Boulder in order to reduce her caseload and give each of her clients greater personal attention.  As an attorney in private practice, Nancy strives to serve all the legal needs of her clients. Her representation extends beyond the formal criminal charges faced by her clients and addresses the consequences of criminal charges on their professional livelihoods, family lives, immigration aspirations, and future plans.  In addition to her private practice, Nancy serves as a chairperson of the Boulder Criminal Defense Bar and a guest lecturer and trial practice instructor at the Colorado University Law School.


Zak Malkinson

Zak grew up in Boulder and then spent seven years in the highly regarded Public Defender Office in Oakland, California, a city with a high crime rate. Zak represented over 1,000 adults charged in crimes ranging from trespassing to homicide. Zak has won jury trials in Colorado District, County and Municipal courts. Zak has presented to the Boulder County Bar Association and is a member of the Professional Standards Review committee for the City of Boulder Police Department.